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What to read on a Yoga Retreat

What to Read on your Yoga Retreat 

Going on a yoga retreat & reading are like a match made in heaven!  You’ve booked your retreat, you’ve packed your bags and now, you’re looking around for a nice read to complement the retreat experience!

We’ve compiled a short list of books -below- that we think are a great addition to your retreat.  These may help you learn something new, relax, have a laugh, deepen your retreat experience and just maybe, help question your lifestyle and direction.  All powerful stuff!

If you find this useful, feel free to share with anyone you know who’s going on a yoga retreat and/or  tell us  what You are taking to read on retreat as we'll update the list so everyone can benefit from your reading hours.   

Yoga Bitch: One Woman’s Quest to Conquer Skepticism, Cynicism, and Cigarettes on the Path to Enlightenment by Suzanne Morrison     What happens when a coffee-drinking, cigarette-smoking, steak-eating twenty-five-year-old decides its time to get in touch with her spiritual side? Yoga Bitch is the account of what could happen when a very skeptical beginner yogi encounters a “professional” yogi on a rather extreme yoga retreat in Bali. This book could be the perfect read for your yoga retreat.  Firstly, it may make you appreciate your own yoga experience,  second, the book is funny so its guaranteed to keep you entertained whilst on retreat and, lastly, it’s beautifully written and will keep your attention with its relatable characters and great plot.

The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life by Twyla Tharp      One of the main purposes of a yoga retreat is to give you an example of a healthier way of life and to inspire you to make changes in your daily life as to improve your overall health & wellbeing.  This is the exact purpose of this book.  In The Creative Habit Twyla Tharp walks you through her own everyday routine and highlights the significance of building good habits and the logic that lies behind what would actually motivate you to stick to them.   Many of the people who have read it share the positive impacts this book has had on their lives. And while it doesn’t have to be life-changing necessarily, this book could give you some nice ideas and will certainly entertain you through your yoga retreat.

 Yoga School Dropout by Lucy Edge      One of our personal favourites.  What happens when advertising executive Lucy leaves London on a personal quest for a more meaningful life and to improve her yoga body via the ashrams and gurus of India?    This truthfully honest, sometimes painful, poignant and often funny story from Lucy tells it ‘how it is’ sharing what she found, where she stayed,  the people she met and whether, at the end of it all, she discovered yogic bliss & the ultimate yogic body. A nice light easy read that will have you laughing at times and thinking of your own life at others.

Two Lifestyles, One Lifetime by Les Leventhal     How did the crystal-meth-addicted, alcohol-abusing porn star cross the road to become a beloved, world-famous yoga teacher? In this inspiring memoir, Les Leventhal reveals his desperate and wildly self-destructive attempts to grasp at self-worth in a turbulent, hostile environment. In the throes of a sharp downward spiral toward certain death, Les summons the strength and surrender to transform his life.With more at stake than ever before, Les finds the courage to make a daring choice that penetrates through superficial layers to profoundly change his life. Fantastic reviews on Amazon.

Enlightenment for Idiots by Anne Cushman    If you’re looking for a combination between a light read and one that will also give you an insight into the world of India, ashrams, yoga and meditation, this might just be the right choice for you. Enlightenment for Idiots covers the story of a freelance writer sent to India to write a “How to” book on enlightenment. While she is an aspiring yogi herself, her trip to India encounters something rather different from what she had been expecting.  

Heavenly Hirani's School of Laughing Yoga by Sarah-Kate Lynch    Annie Jordan never wanted to go to India: there were too many poor people and the wrong sort of smells. But when fate takes her there anyway, it’s not the beggars that cling to her, it’s the lessons in life – courtesy of Heavenly Hirani and her seaside laughing yoga.

Every once in a while you read a book that truly deeply resonates. You’re affected at gut level, you’re invested in colorful, believable characters and their everyday deeds both good and bad. This is that book. - New Plymouth Daily News

Take EAT, PRAY, LOVE, add laughter and you have the beginnings of Sarah-Kate Lynch’s latest offering. Funny, touching, and a great reminder to breathe deeply and giggle. - Australian Womens Weekly

Warning: This book will make you want to pack your bags for India. - New Zealand Herald

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