Sunday, 10 August 2014

How to Get the Most out of your Yoga Retreat

So you’ve decided to go on a yoga retreat, you’ve booked your tickets, you’ve packed your bags and you’re ready and enthusiastic to go.   There are all these inspired things that you want to do during your journey but the retreat only lasts a few days. So if you are wondering how you can make most of your yoga retreat, here are our top ten tips to help you get the most out of your retreat with us.

1. Enjoy the Journey
Your retreat should begin the moment you leave the house.  This means giving yourself enough time for your travel plans so you don’t have the stress caused by delays and lateness.  Even if you have to spend a bit more time at the airport, do it as this is time for you and your body to unwind, mooch around the shops, read that book you’ve been meaning to or simply to stop and watch the World go by.  And, if you’re planning to arrive at your destination a day or so before retreat, use that time to get out and explore your new ‘home’.   Unwind, enjoy the journey.

   2. Go free of any expectations
A yoga retreat is a new experience for many and the best way to get the most out of a new experience is not to have any fixed expectations in mind. If you’re a keen yoga practitioner, you know how different and surprising a yoga class may be even with your regular teacher, so a holiday centred around yoga can be just as unpredictable. Exciting, isn’t it!

3. Be open-minded
We often become ‘blinded’ in our everyday lives doing the same routine & seeing the same places and people every day.    On a yoga retreat you’re going to meet new people and be introduced to plenty of new experiences and vistas.  Approach your retreat with the eyes of a child. Children are consistently curious, enthusiastic and open minded about everything and everyone they meet and see for the first time. 

4. Be brave and step out of your comfort zone
Staying open–minded is important but it’s also about accepting and doing unfamiliar things. Trying new things takes courage. We know how scary it might be not knowing how to do some new yoga posture but you’re in a secure environment and our instructors have your best interest mind, so go ahead and try new things out.

5. Be open to making changes
While some view a yoga retreat simply as a holiday, it is really meant to give you a lasting benefit. The days you spend on retreat will certainly get you into a better shape and open  your body so that you can progress your yoga practice.  But a retreat is also there to give you an experience of how great you can feel when you invest time in your health.  So let the retreat inspire you to incorporate some of the healthy habits when you’re back home.

6. Talk to people
While there aren’t any special auditions that let only like-minded people on a retreat, chances are the people you’ll meet will have quite a few similar interest as you (yoga for starters!)   You are going to spend quite some time with those people, so talk to them and make friends. A lot of our past retreat “alumni” say they made some great friends on their yoga retreat, so make sure you don’t miss out on that.

7. Take some time to get to know the place
Our yoga retreats are situated in some stunningly beautiful locations, so make sure you walk around and get to know them in your free time.

8. Try the local cuisine
Following on from the previous point, be brave and try out the local cuisine while getting to know the place. Even if you’re from the same country where the retreat is held, different regions have their unique cuisine and you might find yourself surprised by the variety of different foods you’re able to find.

9. Give yourself a digital detox
Turn off that phone, the tablet, and the laptop too. Forget about Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and just be in the here and now.   In fact, give close friends and family details of where you’ll be staying so they can contact you if an emergency does arise.  This way you don’t even have to pack your digital devices.

10. Relax and enjoy
I know there are so many exciting things to be done and time’s never enough, but don’t forget that you’re on a retreat. Sit back and enjoy a good book, the beautiful scenery or a lovely chat with another guest … or why not all three?!

We look forward to welcoming you to your yoga retreat with us!

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