Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Why and How you should practice Yoga in the Summer

Summer is a season we all look forward to with longer, lighter & warmer days that make us feel alive and energised.  

But the transition from the cool peaceful days of spring to hot summer can be quite stressful for our bodies and may have a negative effect on both our health and well-being.  Luckily, yoga can help us through the summer heat and get us in the mode for holiday and adventure.
During summer we are exposed to the blasting sun rays and the dry air-conditioned air almost everywhere we go.   Can you imagine how exhausting this is for your body?  With a simple 20-minute sun salute in the morning, however, you give your body a good energy boost to get you through the hot day.

Morning Yoga
Morning yoga is so beneficial.  After spending 7 hours or so sleeping horizontal, our bodies have stiffened up so stretching first thing feels amazing.  Stretching frees our body of toxins built through the night and releases lactic acid from our muscles thus eases tension which will help the day start on a more positive note.   And, getting your body moving in the morning increases the burning of calories throughout the day too, so even though yoga alone may not get you an entirely beach-ready body, it definitely sets a good foundation for further exercise in the gym or out in the park.

If you live near the sea or are holidaying by the sea, take your yoga practice to the beach - and ‘drink’ deep breaths of the early-morning sea air filled with iodine vapour to receive its numerous health benefits, after only a few days you will feel your breathing is much easier.  

Benefits of Summer Yoga
Doing yoga in the summer can help your yoga practice progress as the heat loosens the muscles and if you practice regularly, it’ll help you become more flexible. Instead of turning on the AC, pick a cooler part of the day for your practice, like early morning or late afternoon, or both. Don’t be afraid to sweat – sweating can actually be good for your body, as it releases toxins; just don’t forget to drink plenty of water to make up for that loss – after all, 70% of your body is made up of water and you want to keep it that way. Some yoga breathing exercises such as Sheetkari pranayama will help cool your body.

Slow Down
As we already know, yoga is good for you all year round, helping you to find the balance between your body and soul in the hectic modern-day way of living. Summer may seem like the season to pick up the pace, but when it comes to yoga, slowing down seems to be a better idea. It’s already hot outside and any physical activity increases body temperature further, so instead of heating up, try cooling down and giving yourself a chance to breathe. Move through your yoga routine at a slower pace and take some more time to meditate and relax in Shavasana.

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