Wednesday, 11 September 2013

How yoga reverses the signs of ageing

It's pretty much accepted that as the human body ages it tends to stiffen & tighten up. When we're young we're flexible and agile but, as we get older, our range of movement, strength, stamina and flexibility all diminish.

And if that's not enough, sooner or later, we notice subtle aches & pains that make even the simplest of movements difficult and which drain our energy.          

As our bodies stiffen, not only do we feel uncomfortable, but we speed up the onset of disease & degeneration.  A stiff body inhibits the flow of our circulatory system - the very system that delivers oxygen & nutrients to every organ & cell within the body.  This gradual undernourishment contributes to premature ageing of the body.  Nerves, glands and muscles together with the energy networks in the spine, all begin a slow decline.

It's not too late to change ...