Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Happy Feet – Look After Your Feet

I must admit to having shoe envy. I love seeing all the new shoe styles; modern or classic, wedges or heels, flats or sky high but I often wonder what some of them do to your feet.

Kim Kardashian showed us her swollen feet recently; admittedly she was pregnant at the time but ouch!


Your feet take the whole weight of you so if you find they are killing you after a hard day here’s how to keep them feeling and looking fabulous.

If you like to or have to wear heels or pointed toe shoes at work why not vary the heel height over the days and wear sensible shoes to and from work.

Do your shoe shopping in the afternoon. Your feet swell during the day so shoes that you try then should be comfy all day.
Keep your toe nails trimmed and always cut your nails straight across. This helps to avoid ingrown nails.

Manage dry skin, even in winter when nobody is going to see your feet. This will ensure any corns or hard skin areas don't become too painful. A build-up of dry skin is tough to deal with at short notice when summer arrives and can also harbour infections
After buffing with a pumice or foot file apply a specially formulated foot cream
Let your feet breathe whenever you can and take flip flops to the gym, pool or spa to avoid picking up athletes foot or a verruca.

Don’t share nail clippers or foot files and even bath towels, especially if you or someone in your house has a nail fungus or athletes foot.

Walk! Walking is great exercise for your feet as the movement puts the foot through its whole range of motion. Put your comfy shoes on and step it out!
Alternatively, at the end of a hard day on your feet, try these flex and resist exercises.

Sit comfortably with your feet flat in the floor, now lift your leg and gently rotate your ankle through 360 degrees 20 times one way and 20 the other, repeat with the other foot.

Pop a resistance band around a piece of heavy furniture and sit in front of it. Put one foot into the loop of the band just so your toes show through,  now pull back towards you with your toes and you should feel a nice stretch into your heel. Do this 15 to 20 times with each foot.

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“The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art” Leonardo da Vinci

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Unknown said...

I have heard that soaking your feet in a solution of bleach and water can help , but i was watching Oprah a month or so ago and Doctor OZ was on answering ??'s and he swears that soaking your feet in tea is the cure? Go to his web site and read about it. good luck.