Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Candy Crush Yoga


Wasting too much time and energy on annoyingly addictive games when you have more important issues to deal with? 

Here's how to play our version called CAnamasDY Crush

level 1 - Sea of Tranquility 

Target - Clear your head in under 10 minutes

Select a Booster - a healthy smoothie, herbal tea or detoxing juice, perhaps?

Sit down (adopt the lotus position for maximum points)
Switch off your phone, the game will end if you have any interruptions and you will have to start again from the beginning
Hold the device in both hands arms out, level with your waist
Close your eyes
Imagine yourself in your own sweet world
Line up 3 or more issues, see them for what they really are, unimportant? insignificant? worthy of more structured thought? and crush them
The more issues you resolve or see more clearly, the more life you gain

Once you have cleared all the "jelly" from your mind, you have  completed this level. Wonderful! 

If you did not clear this level, try again. You can still feel wonderful though!

Next - move on to the next level of your journey to inner peace

Hint: DONT give your life away


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