Friday, 24 May 2013

The Power of Colour


Many of us have been to, or know of someone who has been to a colour therapist to learn which colour clothes will suit them best. Along with making us feel better about ourselves, there are long established beliefs in many countries, faiths and religions about the power colour can have and it's ability to influence.Advertisers and marketing experts use colour as a very powerful tool to mix with their words. Check out the following corporate logos and the advertisement industries colour meanings:

Interior decorating is another massive area where thoughtful colour choices can change the ambience of any room. Blue is considered a cold colour and red hot, just as they would be in nature, blue ice and red fire. Employees complained about being cold in a blue meeting room, when repainted peach and with no change in the level of heating, the same employees felt warm enough to relax and take their jackets off.
Wearing colours that suit your skin tone can not only make you look good. Introducing accent colours or having certain colours around can also help you on a more subconscious or spiritual level. Sportsmen wearing red have been found to win more often than those in any other colour.
Take a look at a few of the colour meanings below and see if consciously incorporating colour into your  surroundings helps you. For example, wearing red to your yoga session may help when you are feeling sluggish or unmotivated and a blue suit may help you feel calm when attending an interview or important meeting.
Red Stimulates brain wave activity, increases heart rate, respiration and blood pressure, excites sexual glands. It warms and awakens physically and energises  blood.
Take care as too much red can over stimulate and make some illnesses worse. 
Orange The colour of joy and wisdom, energy and internal connection. It stimulates appetite and is a good colour for digestive illness.
This colour, in conjunction with red, is used by many fast food chains as it encourages customers to eat quickly and leave.
Yellow The colour of sunshine. It is the colour of wisdom and emotion, (especially happiness). It energizes, relieves depression, improves memory, stimulates appetite and helps with digestive problems.
Green Has a calming and balancing effect on the nervous system. Soothing and relaxing, green can ease one from depression, anxiety or nervousness. Since green stimulates growth, care should be taken with illnesses including tumours.
Blue Calming and cooling to the system and therefore a good colour to counteract hypertension. Spiritually it is the colour of health and connects us to holistic thought. Advertisers use blue as it promotes corporate, trust, reliability and belonging.
Violet Is the  colour to aid healing. It stimulates the immune system and enhances intuition, connecting us to our unconscious self. Violet represents the future, imagination and dreams.
Purple Cleansing, strengthening, and awakening. It has the power to suppress appetite restoring the peaceful environment. It affects the skeletal system of the body and is a good colour for improving immunity, cancerous conditions, and arthritis. It also purifies the system and is an excellent colour for headaches and migraines.
Purple is also the colour of royalty, power and leadership.

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