Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Best Yoga pose for Strong Abs!

Even better than Navasana (boat pose) is forearm plank.  A great strengthener for the stomach & back muscles and great for posture definition.   Read more ....

How To: From plank pose, draw navel to spine & lower down onto your forearms ensuring elbows are under shoulders, hips are slightly lower than shoulders & hands are shoulder width apart.    Keep lifting  navel to spine as you hold forearm plank for upto 60 seconds ... if 60 seconds is too long for you, hold as long as you can & build up to 60 seconds over time.  

If you're still feeling strong, shift your weight onto your right forearm so you face to the left & either, keep your right hand on the floor or bring it to your right hip for side plank that works the oblique muscles.  Hold for up to 30 seconds.  Return to plank for 30 seconds, then try the oblique plank on the other foreman for 30 seconds.    Let us know how you get on!


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