Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray

Every now and again it's really nice to give your yoga mat a little TLC and a freshen up - especially if have a 'sweaty' practice or you use  'communal' mats at your local yoga studio / class.   I'm not fussy, but you never know who's feet might have been on the mat before you & whether their feet were clean and free of anything contagious!

So, having seen the cost of of yoga mat cleaners on various online yoga stores, I did a little investigation & found a great, natural mat cleaner that you can make in minutes & it costs next to nothing.    

Here it is ....

Make your own Delish Yoga Chai Tea with this Recipe

My Yogi teacher friend makes THE most delicious Chai tea I have EVER tasted!   I love to visit her house when she has a 'brew' on the go as the smell from her kitchen is absolutely gorgeous!  

Chai as you probably know, is the name used for 'tea' in many parts of the World but India, in particular, has a great many Chai recipes where the spices used in the recipe are chosen due to their amazing health benefits.  

Keep reading for my friend's secret Chai tea recipe & to discover the 'miracle' these spices below .....

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Here Comes the Sun!

If each morning you wake up feeling stiff & heavy like a sack of potatoes, then I challenge you over the next 3 mornings to start your day with 4-6 rounds of the yoga Sun Salutations and notice how much better you feel .. into the morning & beyond.

There's plenty of reasons to do this ....