Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Yoga in the Real World

The phone is ringing, you've got a report to write, bills to pay, your children want your attention and you're wondering how you're supposed to find time for yoga amongst it all.

It's exactly during these busy periods that we need a little 'me' time more than ever.  So, if you can't get to a  yoga class or escape for a few days to a yoga retreat, with a little mindfulness & planning you could be practising yoga all the time.

Bringing yoga into your everyday life is about making everything you do come from what you have learnt & practiced in your yoga classes.    So, when you're going through that early morning rush wth phones, traffic, children & everything else, take a moment to stop and focus on your breath.   Take a few deep, slow breaths through your nose and drop the breathe down to your abdomen - then carry on with your day.  It only takes a couple of moments and takes your practice off the mat & out into your world.  Try it and see what a tremenous difference it has on reducing your stress and anxiety.  Do it regularly & you'll soon find you won't even begin to react to what used to be potentially stressful situations.

See, really easy to bring some yoga into the real world !

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Daisy Dee said...

Yoga is a good activity to relax and unwind. Of course you can do it alone but it is best to take yoga for beginners first so you would know the proper way to perform it next time.