Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Benefits of going on a Yoga Holiday

Whilst many people know yoga is good for them, the majority have still not tried it or struggle to find the time to regularly attend a class.   This, coupled with high levels of stress, an unhealthy diet and long working hours means that the world's population is growing increasingly unhealthy.  Oh dear.

A great solution that is increasingly popular is to take a yoga holiday.   A yoga holiday is an opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to slow down, take stock and allow the mind to become clear and calm.  

Quite simply, going away can be the first step toward coming home to yourself.  

On a yoga holiday, you'll get to practice yoga regularly and experience first hand just how much better you feel when your body is full of yoga vitality

This blog is going to look at some of the many benefits of taking a yoga holiday, let's see if we can tempt you to Spain soon on one of our Yoga Breaks in Spain !

1. Progress your Practice
If you're totally new to yoga or someone who has struggled to get past the basics, on a retreat you'll be practicing yoga regularly and so will notice a huge difference in a short space of time.   Practicing with a teacher in a small group, you'll notice how quickly your practice improves.  Suddenly, you'll feel much stronger enabling you to comfortably hold and maintain previously tricky postures.  Such levels of progression and personalisation are nearly impossible in urban yoga studios 

2. Life in balance
On retreat you're away from everyday routine and stresses.  Without these distractions, your life becomes much calmer and suddenly, you can clearly see the undercurrents of your life, what needs changing or leaving behind to enable you to move forward and life the live that you want to life ... not someone else's idea for your life!

3. Inner Changes & Outer Glow
Considering how many thousands of years old Yoga is, the medical profession still regard it as one of the most complete forms of physical and mental well-being.   A yoga holiday allows you to integrate regular yoga and meditation into your life - all be it for a short time - you'll receive an intensive boost of absolute well-being, proven to be beneficial to anyone suffering from stress, depression, low self esteem, anxiety, digestive disorders, tension, physical pain and weak muscles.   

4. Mixing with like minded 
How busy our lives have become that we no longer invest time to talk - I mean really talk - not communicate via social media.  When was the last time you had a long, stimulating, fun, face to face conversation over a cup of tea?  On a yoga retreat, if you leave your 'communication tools' in your room, you'll have chance to sit and talk to like minded people - face to face - meeting new people & discovering about their lives is a great way to broaden our own perspectives and views.    

5. Relax
While at the yoga retreat, you are not only able to relax, you are effectively cut off from the stresses of the outside world. In our everyday lives we are constantly bombarded with factors that trigger stress. Yoga and meditation holidays take away many of those. For example you won’t have to worry about what to cook, pay bills, clean your room, wash up, buy groceries or work. This makes yoga and meditation holidays great for your mental well being as well as physical.   Simply relax and let your batteries recharge.

This is why we recommend that if you have the opportunity to take a yoga holiday, do it.  Unwind from the built up stress that comes with our contemporary lifestyles.


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