Wednesday, 15 February 2012

5 Ways to Inspire a Regular Yoga Practice

Practicing yoga regularly can sometimes seem bit of a chore.  Here's 5 easy ways to keep you motivated:

1.  Try new things!  Don't always stick to the same routine.  Energise your practice by introducing new things - particularly if you don't feel like you are progressing.   Seek inspiration and ideas by searching the web or trying a new yoga class / studio.  One of our favourite online sources of inspiration is Yoga Journal

2.  Take your practice outdoors.  Changing where you practice brings a fresh perspective & can sometimes dictate what you can include in your pratice.  If you can't get outside, choose a different spot in your house or adourn your practice area with objects that uplift you - family photo, incense, sentimental jewels, fresh flowers and so on.

3. Book a private class.   Work with someone who knows what they're talking about & who can highlight areas that you could improve.  If the cost of a private class is out of the question, share it with a friend or ask the teacher if he/she knows of anyone else you can share the time with.

4.  Do a little everyday.  Don't beat yourself up - or use it as an excuse - if you can't spare 30-60 minutes for your practice.  A little everyday really does make a huge difference.  You'll notice the positive benefits of a 'little & often' practice.   Aim to include 5-10mins a day on waking .. or evening if that suits your schedule.

5.  Eat lightly for energy.  Choose foods that are easy to digest and as close as possible to their natural state.  Foods that are clean & light on the digestive system are easier to digest & absorb .. hence you'll not feel too sluggish to roll out your mat.   Aim to eat a palm size portion of protein with every meal & avoid sugary foods & caffeine (if you can!), these make your body crash, leaving you with little energy & so you crave your next fix of sugar or caffeine for instant (but short lived) energy.

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