Friday, 16 December 2011

Riding the Yin Energy of Winter

During the winter months we have less energy and yet, in the run up to Christmas, we race around visiting friends, partying and go shopping for presents and delicious Christmas food.

In the natural world (plants & animals) winter is the time for restoration and energy conservation.  Many animals hibernate, slow down and do less - maybe your pets are sleeping more.  Nature retreats, conserving its energy ready for Spring.  

It is said there are two forces that govern universal energy.  These are the 'Yin' and 'Yang' energies.  The Yin time of year begins in autumn & continues into winter.  Yin energy is characterised as being quieter, cooler, darker, slower.   Whereas spring and summer are the opposite known as 'yang' - brighter, warmer, faster, extrovert .

So, if you feel especially tired over the Christmas season, its because you're trying to go against the flow of nature.  Slow down andlet your body yield to the yin peace and stillness that it craves.   

Here's a little facial massage to enjoy during these winter Yin months courtesy of Yoga Journal.  

Start by pouring two tablespoons of room-temperature oil into a small bowl - sesame, almond or sunflower are ideal.  Dip your fingers into the oil and begin by rubbing it onto the bridge of your nose. Using both hands in a circular motion, massage the oil outward across your face, from cheekbones to ears and upward from temples to hairline. Then rub the oil in gentle lines from the upper lip to the cheekbones and the ears. Using your index finger, put oil on the outer and inner rims of your nostrils. With three fingers of each hand, rub from the nostrils to the ears in a linear motion, taking time to massage the entire ear. Next, massage your brow and pat your closed eyelids. Finish by gently prodding the skin under your jawbone to the base of your neck. When you're through, you'll feel centered, refreshed, and ready to face the world.

Let me know what you think of the facial and my blog!

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