Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Why Yoga?

If you do no other form of exercise, do yoga.  Why? Simply because it has so many benefits.

Yoga positively affects the health of all organs, glands and muscles as well as tone and sculpt the outer body .. which it does exceedingly well!      

A good yoga class will incorporate postures that move and lubricate each and every part of the body, stimulating the circulation of blood deeply within rather than just around the body's outer edge. 

Yoga postures improve the health of the inner body by opening, stretching, twisting and squeezing every organ and every gland; including the liver, lungs, kidneys, spleen, intestines, stomach, heart etc.    

Twists make a frequent appearance in a yoga class. Imagine  what happens inside your body when you perform a spinal twist.    You literally 'wring out' your internal organs helping them to release their accumulated waste thus speeding up the body's cleansing system.  If this isn't enough, a twist will also stretch the multitude of muscles and ligaments around the spine thus keeping the spine supple and flexible.  But wait, the benefits don't stop there!  When you release out of a twist, a fresh supply of blood floods back into those same organs bringing fresh nutrients and oxygen to boost cellular and organ health.    

A regular yoga practice will :

* soften muscle and ligament tissue increasing their flexibility & reducing the risk of injury 
* bring both bones and muscles gently back into their optimum alignment
* lubricate the joints
* improve both the oxygenation of blood and its circulation bringing an inner glow to your skin, making your eyes shine and your hair gleam
* help your body detoxify by encouraging  organs and cells to release their accumulated waste
* improve the elasticity of the lungs through deep yogic breathing techniques
* produce a deep sense of relaxation and peace of mind as a result you feel calm and in control
* create a gorgeous, lean, muscled 'yoga body' 

Practice yoga and you'll feel more at home in your body and more harmonious in your life.  You'll sleep better and concentrate more easily, and stress will simply slide over you.
What are you waiting for?  Grab your mat & get going!
Article supplied by Nicole @ Yoga Breaks in Spain www.yogabreaks.org.uk

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Anonymous said...

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